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"I am fascinated by how easy it is to invest money all around through Solv. Normally, if I want to invest outside of my home country this is only possible via mutual funds that have really high fees. The opportunity to support entrepreneurs from all around the world and earning great returns is something unique in the investment space and its what I love about Solv."
Investor from UK

1. Diversify Your Portfolio

Solv has developed a powerful tool that calculates the reputability of borrowers all over the world. We enable our investors to globally diversify their assets, funding a multitude of people from different countries and continents. This means that your gains will not be significantly affected in case of economical setback and financial fluctuations in the origin countries of your borrowers.

2. Join Our Global Community

Solv has solved the loan receiving issues for people from over 120 countries. We are the first global marketplace P2P lending platform for funding all kinds of loans, including small business, startup and personal loans. Our worldwide ever-growing community of 2,000+ individual and institutional lenders are continuously funding and earning monthly dividends from a variety of loans through Solv. We use blockchain technology as a medium for cross-border payments to secure and enhance your regular income from the Solv Network.

3. Be In Control Of Your Risks & Gains

We constantly check and reevaluate the credit history of our users. This includes advanced security measures, such as a video identity verification and a thorough creditworthiness assessment. Borrowers undertake to grant Solv a direct access to their business and seller accounts (eBay, Amazon, MecadoLibre, PayPal, bank account, accounting software, etc.) for income verification. Our machine learning algorithm progressively reevaluates the data from the aforementioned accounts, along with the manual review conducted by our team of loan experts. Each borrower receives a transparent rating between RED (terrible) and GREEN (excellent). This rating will be available for you to choose the risk level and the interest rates that you are most comfortable with.

4. Get High Interest Rates

Banks are known for offering incredibly low interest rates on the fixed term deposits. Taking into account the economical damage caused by inflation and market fluctuations, the actual return on investments often ends up being negative. Solv helps you to avoid the negative scenario of losing capital, providing you with constant financial gains with interest rates of 10%-35%. The expected return on investments amounts to around 13% per year in a diversified portfolio, even after a bad debt situation. Depending on your investment strategy, you can pick loan terms of 6 weeks to 5 years. Start making money with Solv today at your own convenient pace.

5. Invest Conveniently Online

Solv is a tech savvy company that uses the latest technological innovations in the blockchain field to make the investment platforms maximally convenient and intuitive for our well respected investors. Forget all of the complex and time consuming steps that were present in the loan funding process in the past, such as visiting a local bank branch or filling out stacks of papers. Additionally our website is optimized for all types of screens and devices, making the investment process not just easy, but fun. You can even set up the X-Diversity App which will apply artificial intelligence to develop a diversified portfolio based on your preferences. You may be surprised, but Solv is so efficient that we charge 0% fees to our lenders, meaning that you get to keep all of your returns from your fixed income investments.


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